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City Circle Redesign

Last December 2012, the Club shared its plans to build an iconic landmark around the circumference of the Etihad Stadium, inspired by you, the fans.

We received thousands of messages from supporters at home and abroad wishing to be part of the project, once again demonstrating that Manchester City fans are amongst the most passionate and loyal in the world. This dedication and support is the foundation of our ambition to expand the Etihad Stadium.

As our fan base and demand to attend games grows, so too must our home. In order to realise this ambition and undertake such a large-scale build, there is now a need to revise both the design and the location of the existing City Circle proposal due to the possible impact of the potential construction programme and building work.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce a new and revised City Circle design concept with the words 'Blue Moon' at its centre. The Club is looking for a new location, subject to planning consent, along Commonwealth Way at the approach to the foot of the iconic new footbridge connecting the Etihad Stadium to City Football Academy. The Blue Moon discs will be incorporated in the same format as the original scheme, ensuring a permanent place in the Club's rich history that is accessible to supporters seven days per week.

The installation, which is subject to planning approval, is scheduled to begin in June, based on the programme of construction works for the bridge. This should be in place for the start of the 2014/2015 season.

The final design and location will be shared with supporters in the coming weeks when formalities have been completed.